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Our expertise is to optimize the value of the disability tax credits and 14 other health related tax credits you or a loved one could be entitled to
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We Maximize Your Disability Tax Credits For Up To The Past 10 Years.

For a person living with a disability or a medical limitation, often other family members are entitled to tax credits, deductions or other fiscal measures.

Who do we help?

People With a Disability Or a Limitation

If your medical condition significantly affects your daily activities – either currently or within the last 10 years – you could qualify for the disability tax credit and other Health-Related tax credits.

Their Spouse, Children, Parent(s) or Caregiver

There are a certain number of tax credits available to caregivers and other family members of a person who lives with a handicap. If someone in your family has a limitation or a disability, it is possible that some credits which have not been maximized can be beneficial for other family members.

The DTC, Made Simple!

The amounts you are entitled to for the last 10 years are likely to have changed from one fiscal year to the next as the credits, family composition, income or the severity of the symptoms may change throughout the years.

It is complex to obtain the best results.

It also happens to be our expertise!

150 verificationS per person

What stands out about our work is that for up to 10 fiscal years,

we make 15 different tax credit verifications for you.

What we aim to offer you is a complete solution with No Upfront Fees.

Let CAN simplify the process

Get help with DTC and other Health-Related tax credits

Obtaining the DTC (Disability tax credit) and other Health-Related tax credits you or a loved one are entitled to can be complex.

Every year thousands of taxpayers are wrongfully denied the DTC and other Health-Related tax credits to which they are entitled.