Qualifying for Health-Related Tax Credits is not simple !

Since 2007, Alisa Refunds has helps thousands of Canadian taxpayers to obtain all the amounts they are entitled to for their medical conditions.

If you or a love one struggle, or struggled with health issues over a period that lasted more than 12 months within the last 10 years, you could be entitled to tax credits.

Alisa Refunds' Guarantee :
- No fees to pay to open your file
- No Refund = No Invoice
- Our fees of 20% are the lowest in the industry

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39% OF THE AMOUNTS WE OBTAIN ARE FOR CUSTOMERS WHO BELIEVED THEY HAD RECEIVED IT ALL, 8000$ obtained in average refunds per customer say otherwise...

Being recognized as being eligible for tax credits related to health problems does not automatically give you access to all the amounts to which you are entitled. Indeed, these must be identified, calculated, requested and this, for each year concerned. In total, 39% of the amounts obtained annually by Alisa Refunds' experts are received by families whose eligibility for certain credits had already been recognized. It is therefore in your interest to check whether you have received all the credits, tax breaks and deductions to which you are entitled, even if you already receive tax credits related to your medical condition.