Did you know that several tax-credits are available in Canada for people living with illnesses or disabilities and their families?

Since 2007, Alisa Refunds has helps thousands of Canadian taxpayers to obtain all the amounts they are entitled to for their medical conditions.

If you or a love one struggle, or struggled with health issues over a period that lasted more than 12 months within the last 10 years, you could be entitled to tax credits.

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- No fees to pay to open your file
- No Refund = No Invoice
- You will never pay more than 20% of fees for our services
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Alisa Refunds, your Health-Related Tax-Credit specialist, since 2007. 
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If you or a family member, live with a health-problem since more than 12 months, there are good chances that you are entitled to thousands of dollars in retroactive tax credits for the last 10 years.

In addition to the DTC there are several different health-related tax credits one can claim and it is common not to know everything about the subject. Information about those credits is limited, hard to access and the admissibility rules vary from one year or province to the other.

Based on different medical, fiscal or familial realities the value of those credits may  vary between similar family composition who have the same exact medical condition and the amount to which one can be available may fluctuate trough the years as well. 

First step first, an assessment of your eligibility must be established.

Before claiming the DTC and other Health-Related Tax Credits you may be entitled to, your eligibility must have been recognized by the governments.

 To be admissible for one or more of the 15 credits we verify , you must meet the medical, as well as the fiscal criteria of eligibility those credits. 

Our Refunds Advisor can evaluate your eligibility on both of those aspects.

Our mission : Since 2007, our mission at Alisa Refunds is to provide a professional, ethical and cost-effective way to obtain and maximize health-related tax credit for our customers. We strive for excellence in our services and to achieve positive results through substantial refunds for our clients.

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Our Unique Approach

Eligibility Analysis

We properly assess our clients' eligibility to a dozen of health-related tax credits and maximize their value, a 150-point tax analysis for the last 10 years is performed for all our clients.

Maximization of DTC credits

Our Refund Advisors have an expertise in successfully calculating & claiming health-related tax credits including the Disability Tax Credit (DTC) and several tax reliefs or benefits.

Appeals and oppositions

Several families are denied eligibility to the DTC or other health-related tax credits they are entitled to only for administrative reasons. We have expertise to review and resubmit them. In many cases, we achieve positive results.

Agent asking DTC and health-related tax-credits

39% of the amounts we obtain are for customers who believed they had received all they were entitled to, 8000$ obtained in average refunds per customer say otherwise...

Being recognized as being eligible for tax credits related to health problems does not automatically give you access to all the amounts to which you are entitled. Indeed, these must be identified, calculated, requested and this, for each year concerned. In total, 39% of the amounts obtained annually by Alisa Refunds' experts are received by families whose eligibility for certain credits had already been recognized. It is therefore in your interest to check whether you have received all the credits, tax breaks and deductions to which you are entitled, even if you already receive tax credits related to your medical condition.

Why Trust Us?

  • 96.7% of the adjustment requests we send on behalf of our customers are accepted
  • Simplified approbation and credit maximization process
  • No visit to our office, upfront fees or fee to open your file
  • Our 20% fees are the lowest of our industry
  • Retroactive adjustments can be done for a period up to 10 years
  • We can appeal or resubmit your request if you have been denied eligibility
  • Over 10 years of expertise working with families like yours

Words of our customers

Awesome Team !

"Awesome team!!! Really happy with the service!!" - Alexandra Bouchard

Genuine Care !

“A family business run by people who genuinely care. Don't miss a great opportunity to get yourself heard. It's worth it!” - Zahava Schwartzman

Excellent Service !

“Very happy to do business with you, excellent service!” - Nancy Mcsween

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