Health-Related Tax credits are very complex

For each person affected by a disability or a medical limitation, often, more than one person in the family unit is entitled to credits, deductions, or other measures. The amounts you were entitled to for the last 10 years is likely to have change from a fiscal year to the other, as the credits, family composition, income or the severity of the symptoms likely fluctuated through the years. With our expertise, we make it possible to maximize the disability tax credits and other health-related benefits you were entitled to, for every single one of those years.

Person with illness or disability

If your medical condition significantly affects your daily activities (currently or at some point within the last 10 years) you could qualify for additional tax credits.

Family, spouse or caregiver

If someone in your family has a limitation or a disability, it is possible that some credits which have not been maximized can be beneficial for other family members.

Get help with DTC and other credits

Every single year, several thousands taxpayers are being denied the DTC and other Health-Related tax credits to which they are perfectly entitled. Would it be a detail, a box unchecked, a signature missing, fiscal authorities are quick to refuse, and slow to explain why.  Since 2007, it has been our mission to ensure this don't happen to the families who entrust us with their file. With 97.7% of our claims accepted as is, we can definitely say : Mission Accomplished!

Let us help you through and simplify that process for your family.