What are the criteria for admissibility to health related tax credits ?

According to the income tax legislation in Canada, to be admissible a person must have or have had a health restriction for 12 consecutive months (or longer) which is either temporary or permanent and has slowed down his or her daily activities in one or more of the following functions:
  • Vision (blindness or acutely reduced field of vision)
  • Hearing
  • Verbal communication (speech impediment)
  • Walking (reduced mobility)
  • Elimination (bowel or bladder functions)
  • Feeding (including the preparation of meals)
  • Dressing
  • Mental functions necessary for everyday life
  • Life-sustaining therapy  (ex.: dialysis, respiratory therapy)

If I am presently working, will the government consider that my current health complication is not severe enough to benefit from income tax credits ?

No. Many of our clients are working and still receive health related tax credits. If you suffer from a health problem that restricts your daily activities but still allows you to work, you are very likely to benefit from our services.

If I am the one with the health problems, why do you also evaluate my family’s tax situation ?

Because, over the years we have developed the expertise to obtain retroactive tax credits in diverse ways. In some cases, the person who has health restrictions cannot benefit from a tax credit, but a family member can. By doing a full family analysis, we increase your chances to qualify for retroactive (federal and provincial) tax credits.

If I am eligible for health related tax credits, then why has my accountant not done the process for me ?

What we do at Alisa Refunds is a complex process demanding much effort and work over a long period of time (usually several months). Many accountants are hesitant to even try to retrieve those particular tax credits since there is no guarantee of a refund at the end of the process. Therefore, it is difficult for accountants to charge clients for this kind of work. If they don’t succeed in retrieving health related tax credits, how will they be able to charge you for the hours spent working on your case ?

Can I open a file for a family member ?

Yes, a requirement for us to work on that family member’s behalf is his/her signature on an authorization form. If this family member is unable to sign then a legal representative for that person can sign it.

I am a single parent and my child has health problems. Is it possible for me to open a file without involving the other parent ?

Yes, it is possible to process a file without involving the other parent, although it is also possible that the other parent may be eligible for refunds you cannot have. In this case, we can open a file for the other parent without any interaction required between the parents.

Is a minimum income required to benefit from your services ?

No, it is not necessary to have substantial income to benefit from most of the income tax credits that we obtain for our clients. Also, certain credits are available solely for taxpayers with modest incomes.

Does my high income decrease my chances of getting refunds ?

No, having a high income can actually increase your chances of receiving certain credits.

I presently receive a Disability Pension, or Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefits, is it the same program that you go after ?

No, the credits and deductions that we obtain for our clients are very different from the CPP Disability Benefits.

My request for the CPP Disability Pension was refused. Can I still be eligible for tax credits or deductions ?

Yes, the criteria for the CPP Disability Pension are completely different than the criteria for tax credits and tax deductions. Being refused for the CPP Disability Pension does not stop you from receiving refunds from health related tax credits, which is our specific expertise.

I have decreased mobility (difficulties to walk) and my doctor believes I have to be using a wheelchair to be eligible to health related tax credits. Is that true ?

No, using a wheelchair, a cane or any other device is not a measure given by the government to be eligible to mobility related tax credits. If your doctor is not aware of all the criteria regarding this subject, our specialist at Alisa Refunds can intervene and facilitate the process of obtaining the correct documentation and the corresponding refunds.

My father has past away following a lengthy debilitating illness. Is it still possible to obtain refunds in his case ?

Yes. If his death occurred during the past ten years its possible that any credits he may have benefited from while he was alive may now be passed on to his estate. Though he has passed away, it is still possible that his tax files be re-evaluated to include health-related tax credits that he should have applied for while he was alive. Families often discover this fact when an opportunity allows them to do so after the trying times of illness.

How much do your services cost ?

We charge 20% of the amounts received following our work. This does not involve any upfront payment because the invoices are sent after our clients have cashed their refunds or obtained their savings. No refunds or savings simply means no fees to pay.

Are there fees to open the file or to process the file ?

No, there are no fees to open a file, nor for us to process a file. If you do not receive additional amounts to what you may already have, our services will not cost you a penny and you will not receive an invoice from Alisa Refunds.

If I do not receive any refunds, do I have to pay you anyway for the work you have done for me ?

No. Our policy states that if you do not receive any refunds you have no fees to pay to Alisa Refunds. Without any cost to you, our specialist can open a file and do the necessary research. The only time you will get and invoice from our firm is when you receive refunds for past years or obtain tax savings related to the current tax year.

Does Alisa Refunds send me the refunds I am entitled to ?

No, Alisa Refunds never receives the refunds you are entitled to. The government always sends the amounts directly to you.

Are your fees already deducted from the amounts I will receive from the government ?

No, you will receive all the refunds that you are entitled to following our work. We invoice you for 20 % of the amount of your refunds or tax savings that you otherwise would have had to pay, had we not worked on your file. The refunds are never sent to Alisa Refunds directly.

I already receive certain credits with regard to my medical condition. Will I have to pay you fees on those amounts ?

No, our fees are only applicable on additional credits and/or deductions we obtain for you and not on those you already benefit from.

Do I have to pay income taxes on the amounts I received thanks to your services ?

No, the amounts received from the government following our work are tax free.

Will I have to add the refunds received from the government to my revenue on my income tax return ?

No, the amounts that you will benefit from (as a tax refund or a tax saving) are amounts that you should have received (or should have not paid) during a previous year. Therefore, this money is not considered taxable income.

Do I have to pay your fees for future years also ?

No, our fees are solely for the current tax year and years prior to that. Nonetheless, in future years, you will continue to benefit from the additional tax credits we obtained for you.

Do I have to come to your offices to open a file ?

No. Our services are offered by phone and by mail. Although it is not necessary, our clients are always welcome to meet us in person and visit our offices.

Will I have to give you my income tax returns for the past ten (10) years ?

No. We will mail you authorization forms to have access to your income tax files (federal and provincial) for the last ten (10) years, thus allowing us to open your file and perform our in-depth fiscal analysis.

How far back can you claim amounts for me ?

The Canadian tax laws currently allow us to obtain retroactive tax refunds for the last 10 years. ( For example, for a file opened in 2012, we can go back as far as January 2002 )

Will I need to get documents filled by my doctor ?

It depends on your situation. In some cases, the government has already recognized a person’s medical condition. If this is the case, no forms need to be filled out by the doctor or qualified practitioner. If not, we will provide you with the required forms so you can discuss them and get them filled during your next medical appointment with your doctor or qualified practitioner.

Do you need a copy of my medical records ?

No, you will not have to send us any document from your medical records in order to obtain your health related tax credits.

How long will it take Alisa Refunds to process my file ?

After six to eight weeks, our fiscal analysis of your file will be completed and we will then be able to tell you if we found unclaimed amounts for you. Subsequently, it will generally take between four and six months before you receive all your refunds.

What type of company is “ Alisa Refunds “ ?

“Alisa Refunds Inc.” is an incorporated firm as defined by the Canada Business Corporations Act.

Do you do presentations for groups or associations ?

Yes, we regularly offer conferences to a variety of groups such as retirement homes and non-for-profit organizations.