Our Team

LISA VAN CRYENEST, President & senior tax consultant

TeamLisa, originally from Winnipeg, has developped her expertise in many areas of customer service, accounting and fiscality both in Manitoba and Quebec. Her presence and her careful supervision of every client’s file insure the highest quality of services to each client.

ALAIN SAVOIE, Vice-president & senior tax consultant

Alain has an academic background comprised of 4 years of legal studies at McGill University Law school and 2 years in Communications at Université de Montréal. A specialist in corporate tax issues, his work has allowed Canadian corporations to recover over 10 million dollars in overpaid amounts or unclaimed credits prior to his involvement with Alisa Refunds! He scrutinizes every client’s file making sure no potential credit is left out.

LISA MARIE FACCONE, B.B.A. , General Manager and Controller (since 2007)

A graduate of the “ École des Hautes Études Commerciales ” (HEC) , Lisa Marie is at the helm of Alisa Refunds’ everyday operations. Methodical, dedicated and rational, she supervises human resources, government relations and all operational and accounting practises. Lisa Marie is also responsible for submitting notices of appeal when a government decision appears unfair and needs to be reversed in light of our client’s medical condition.

MANON CHIASSON, Business Development Manager (since 2011)

Driven by great determination, extensive work experience, great interpersonal skills and abilities in information technologies, Manon makes sure that Alisa Refunds’ services reach a greater number of individuals and families across Canada every day. She is the voice of our company on our website and on Facebook.

JULIE BELLEMARE, Senior Refunds Advisor (since 2007)

One of the pioneers of the firm, Julie is characterized by her vast experience and her natural cheerful disposition to serve our clients every day. In addition to advising clients directly, she interacts with provincial taxation authorities on a daily basis and handles a large number of verifications and refund claims during her discussions with them.

LUCIE DUCHESNE, Senior Refunds Advisor (since 2008)

With her expertise in health-related tax credits, Lucie analyses our clients tax information, find refunds and submit corrections requests to governments on behalf of our customers. With her usual perseverance and professionalism, Lucie is also responsible for relations with the Canada Revenue Agency.

NOELLA LANDRY, Senior Refunds Advisor (since 2011)

Adapting her corporate work history skills related to taxation and accounting, Noella is a great asset to the Alisa Refunds team. Her precise and systematic approach and facilitates her daily contacts with tax authorities concerning Alisa Refunds. Noella also handles certain accounting tasks for our firm.

CATHY SAVARD, Refunds Advisor (since 2013)

Cathy is the most recent addition to the Alisa Refunds team. She uses her cheerfulness and her attentive listening skills to better serve those contacting us for information about our services. She carefully and professionally handles clients’ information in a very sensitive manner. She is often the person who contacts our clients if we need additional information when processing their file.

MONIQUE PROULX, Accounts receivables (since 2015)

Latest member of our team at Alisa Refunds, Monique has the very pleasurable job to announce to our clients that our work for them will result in substantial refunds. She is also the one responsible for issuing our invoices and respond to any questions regarding them or the payment of our fees. Furthermore, Monique contributes to the progression of many files by being an active member of our customer service team.

JOCELYNE NANTEL, Executive Assistant (since 2010)

A great perfectionist, Jocelyne coordinates all the administrative support required for the daily operations at Alisa Refunds. She also receives and completes the initial processing of tax information from our clients. Furthermore, Jocelyne is responsible for compiling our many statistics.

FRANCE LAMBERT, Administrative Assistant (since 2012)

A true professional, characterized by her meticulous and patient side, France facilitates the Alisa Refunds client experience by personalizing all forms and letters and by responding to incoming calls efficiently and attentively.

MONIQUE ST-GERMAIN, Certified nurse and advisor

As a nurse, Monique has over 30 years of experience in public health, more specifically in hospital and community environments. Her expertise greatly contributes to the success of ”Alisa Refunds” by facilitating the understanding of several medical restrictions pertaining to our clients and their daily lives.

DR. PIERRE SAVOIE, Specialized doctor and advisor

With over forty years of experience as a practitioner specializing in radiology, Pierre shares his knowledge and expertise with the ”Alisa Refunds” team. With his help, no diagnosis or symptom bearing fiscal impacts are left unexplored.

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