About Us

Alisa Refunds is a company we founded in 2007.

Our goal is to help you get all retroactive health-related tax credits to which you or a loved one are entitled to based on your health condition. Our expertise allows us to obtain up to ten years of retroactive refunds.

Health-related tax credits have been available since 1986. They were created to compensate people with health problems for the extra time and money spent due to their medical condition.

However, the process of obtaining these tax credits is often long and complex. Approximately  9   out of  10  people do not get, either in part or in full, the health-related tax credits to which they are entitled to. The experts at Alisa Refunds have worked to find solutions in order to improve this statistic and, as a result, they have developed a unique expertise extending to the medical, taxation, accounting, legal and administrative fields.

–          Lisa Van Cryenest and Alain Savoie, founders of Alisa Refunds

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